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Construction Services


Finding the right contractor for a commercial construction project can be challenging. Dave Miller and Sons is different from other contractors because we combine a family-oriented business model with personalized attention to detail. We are a partnership between three brothers, and these active owners can almost always be seen on job sites applying their hands-on approach. Unlike other contractors who employ passive management tactics from their remote offices, Dave Miller and Sons offers an unequaled level of care to ensure that clients get the results they want.


Family Owned and Operated


Dave Miller and Sons ensures that every client is treated like family. When a new client approaches us for the first time, they are immediately greeted with a team that is truly interested in helping them get results. We help clients identify opportunities to get more out of their budgets, and we work with clients to agree on specific deadlines so that they can plan around our role in their project. Since we are family owned, clients can depend on us incorporating our hard-working and ethical values into everything that we do. Family ownership also motivates our projects with a greater level of pride to ensure that every job gets done right.


Hands-On Construction


Our business is focused on quality assurance, and part of how we achieve this is through a hands-on approach. By taking an active role in every client project, we can verify that every responsibility is completed correctly. We believe that a hands on-approach is a key to achieving client satisfaction.


Personalized Attention to Detail


We incorporate personalized attention to detail into every task that we complete. Whether confirming that a job will pass an inspection or simply painting a wall, our team applies a personalized touch. For our construction projects, we consider every task, including aspects that a client cannot see, throughout the entire project until it has been completed. We make sure that we work closely with clients to prevent costly interruptions to their daily affairs. Due to our careful attention to detail, we have a consistent track record of achieving reliable results for commercial construction clients.


Moving Forward


Dave Miller and Sons is a contractor that offers a full range of commercial construction services to businesses in the Orwigsburg, Pottsville, Hamburg, Reading, Allentown, and Lehighton areas. Contact Dave Miller and Sons today at 570-366-2800 to schedule a free consultation.