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Commercial Hauling

As a business owner or contractor, you can benefit from our expert hauling services for landscaping or concrete pours. We can pick up and deliver as many loads as you need at your job site. Our dump truck fleet can handle any size job, and none is too large or too small. Delivering the materials to you on time every time lets you focus on your job while we manage the hauling.


Choosing a Reliable Hauling Contractor

Our family owned and operated business gives us the opportunity to uphold the reputation that distinguishes us from our competitors. At Dave Miller and Sons, we provide reliable hauling service to business owners and contractors in Orwigsburg, Pottsville, Hamburg, Reading, Allentown and Lehighton. You can count on us to deliver for you.


Our family has experience in on-hand construction, and we understand that a delay in delivery of materials can bring your job to a halt. We understand the demands that face you, and we offer the reliability that you expect from a trusted partner. We make sure to position each dump truck load where your workers can access it without having to move it by hand.


Providing Superior Service

Our family upholds the tradition of providing personal attention to the details of every job. Our experience has taught us to meet and exceed our clients’ expectations. We know that the hauling business is more about you than it is about us. You can count on us to deliver your material when you need it so that your project moves along without delay. Whenever you want your sand or stone delivered, we make it happen.


Delivering Quality Materials

Whether your projects require you to build highways and roads or residential foundations, driveways and slabs for sheds, you can depend on our dump truck fleet to deliver quality materials. At Dave Miller and Sons, we have a can-do approach that respects your business.


Taking Action

When you call, one of our knowledgeable family members takes your order. We respect your time, and we make placing an order as easy as possible. You can count on us to meet your specifications for the kind of material that you want and the time that you expect delivery. Our dump truck drivers know the best routes to follow, and they keep an accurate schedule that ensures timely delivery.


Contact Dave Miller and Sons today by calling 570-366-2800 or emailing dave@davemillerandsoms.com.