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Warehouse Construction


What will your new warehouse hold? Whether it’s used to store off-season stock, extra tools or the equipment you use to complete daily manufacturing tasks, your warehouse construction needs to match your intentions. At Dave Miller and Sons, we take pride in our longstanding tradition of delivering facilities that accommodate your businesses processes.


Planning Around Your Warehousing Needs


As you’re no doubt aware, different warehousing tasks necessitate unique problem-solving strategies. Your purpose can have diverse impacts on the facility’s design process. For instance, a warehouse that contains industrial machines may need extra space for support systems, like safety catwalks or emergency power generators. A retailer who plans on storing clothing would most likely prefer a warehouse that includes climate control and storage racks.


Being family owned and operated helps us create warehouses that are better suited to your needs. By keeping the design and build processes in house, we’re able to work more closely with our clients.


Realizing Your Vision


Warehouse construction isn’t a simple matter of following blueprints or planning documents. There’s also no universal recipe for building and fitting a space. Instead, these large-scale projects depend on unique construction workflows to fulfill highly-specific requirements. Our primary goal is to get you into your new space as quickly and cost-effectively as possible, and hands-on construction methods make this much easier to achieve.


Going Above and Beyond the Bare Minimum


Warehouse construction has unique requirements. Because these spaces are typically designed for commercial use, they need to meet special safety requirements and adhere to numerous regulations. We’re vigilant to prevent oversights and suggest improvements that could improve your warehouse’s energy efficiency, security and profitability.


Discover how Dave Miller and Sons might make your Allentown, Hamburg, Reading, Orwigsburg, Pottsville or Lehighton warehouse construction project more successful. Send us an email at dave@davemillerandsoms.com, call 570-366-2800, or fill in the contact form today for an expert consultation.