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Choosing a Commercial Excavation Firm You Can Trust


The building you invest in to facilitate business growth must outlast time, the elements and regular usage. Everything begins with proper excavation, preparatory work and foundation planning. Here’s why hiring Dave Miller and Sons is the right choice:


Family Owned and Operated Construction Means Better Business
We take special pride in our work. Whether we’re digging complete foundations or simply upgrading your premises with a septic system, we approach each job with the same professionalism.


How does this set our commercial excavations apart? Unlike many companies, we never lose focus because we don’t stretch ourselves too thin. Yours may not be the only project we work on at one time, but we’ve discovered the ideal balance that enables us to serve you with our full attention.


We do more than help you complete the modifications your business needs to grow. Our teams also point out potential improvements and oversights you might not have considered so your property is as useful as possible.


Why Your Company Deserves Hands-On Construction


Our goal as hands-on construction experts is to bring your plans into reality while avoiding costly errors. We always see our jobs through from beginning to end. We find it best to follow a comprehensive process. Our unique methodology permits us to make better decisions and costs down.


Are you looking for a detail oriented team for your commercial excavation project? Gain peace of mind with a company that can get the job done right the first time. Contact Dave Miller and Sons today by calling 570-366-2800 or emailing dave@davemillerandsoms.com.